Thursday, November 13, 2008

Earthquakes, cockroaches, and cat vomit, oh my!

SO the reason for the lack of updates, till now, has been that I've simply been having too much fun. Prancing through West Hollywood, enjoying the sunshine and meals at the farmers market, and trips to moonlight beach and Encinitas.

Then, this morning hit! And with it, news footage of earthquake drills preparing my area for disaster. Fake dead bodies are lined up on football fields in Pasadena.

No one warned me when I was moving out here that 'the big one' could be coming! 1,800 casualites predicted.

As Aud and I were frantically googling earthquake strategies so that we as native East-Coasters could survive this trauma, my cat puked up his breakfast.

As I was cleaning that up, a cockroach came out from under the sink.

Party central. Hopefully the rest of my day will be better than this.

Audrey did my make up last night. Sparkle glitter style. Oh oh my.

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Lizz said...

this shit died quick.