Monday, September 22, 2008

MMM Wine.

So I've finally broken into the wine stash I have from my graduation party. I am currently drinking a bottle of "Cory's Zucchero Esente", from Plagido's Winery in Hammonton, New Jersey. A gift from Connie Zhu. I'm drinking alone on a Monday night. Since I'm no longer a college student, this may not be acceptable. Ambivalent face.

This weekend, I went to see Shea in New York. It had been awhile since my last visit. I love seeing Shea (and Cat, who watched 7 hours of football with me, God bless her), but being in New York made me feel a little bit sad. I thought I loved that city so much for so long, and now when I go, I just think of the tempermental weather and my blistered feet and the lack of trees and quiet. I never thought I'd be ready for a quieter life by age 22. The only things I miss about New York lately are lunches with Lily and Gio, sleepovers with Allie, my apartment with Mike, and pretty much everything about Sarah Vela. They're gone, and so is my attachment to the city. I really hope that L.A. is a good fit for me, but if it isn't, at least I'll know that the quieter, quainter feel of Old City, Philadelphia will still be here.

Things I learned about my new 30-something co-worker Fred, while working a double on Friday:
*he used to be in a drug gang, and therefore cannot get a 'real job' (he is a waiter)
*he was once stabbed my a machete
*he is not legally allowed to see his son, who lives in London
*he was kicked out of college for writing a racist essay
*he is bipolar, but doesn't believe in taking medication
*he is Nordic, and believes that himself and the rest of his race are natural killers
*he wishes to join Blackwater after working at Houlihan's, because he loves war and was 'born to kill'

Roadtrippers- please know that I miss you tremendously, hope you are having a blast, and cannot wait to see you out West.

Till then, I send my love from the East.


Michael said...

That love is duly noted and accepted and returned.

I think we all needed a little breaky from the city. It only really made sense because our parents payed for everything.

Also, I'm not scared to be old, it's the next 40 years that scares me. There were no middle aged people at those places, because they were all working I'm sure.

Lizz said...

you also miss me in nyc. and me sitting on your couch and watching pro run.

that waiter sounds nuts. can you get a photo?

see you in la.