Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh yeah.

I guess maybe I should comment on the whole Sarah Palin thing since that's been all abuzz lately. I keep hearing a lot of liberals laughing about her intense differences from Hill (like the anti-choice agenda); and I agree that Palin is a poor 'substitute' for Hill since it's obvious that he's trying to reel in her voters. But, that being said, there are boatloads of people out there who really don't read up on the issues and really, really, hate the fact that Obama beat Hill out for the nomination. I happen to know some of them (they annoy me). I hope Obama goes even SLIGHTLY on the attack and points out the subtle fact that Palin has absolutely no foreign policy experience, and she hasn't even served as governer for that long. McCain has been attacking all the dems on their lack of fp experience since the old days when I was still in college; maybe Obama should point out the fact that Palin was mayor of a town full of polar bears and igloos while he was in the senate. As Diddy said, there aren't even crackheads where Palin is from. Geez. Do we want a leader that doesn't even know any crackheads? Even I know a crackhead, and I've never been elected to office.

Last night at work, I waited on a table consisting of two preppily-dressed young men, who pounded away on their blackberries while they sipped on their Stellas during happy hour. They really only looked up to flirt with me a little as I performed my waitress-ly duties. At one point, Rudy Giuliani appeared on one of our numerous jumbo flatscreens to spread his wisdom throughout the bar/lounge area. One of the men at my table used this time to brag to me about how last year he was pretty high-up in Rudy's campaign staff. I opened my big fat mouth and talked about my time with Wayne Barrett (my boss, who, during my time as an assistant, helped bring down Giuliani's campaign with some cold, hard truth). This lovely young man left me $2 on a $42 dollar check. And I am a damn skilled waitress.


Paul Tsikitas said...

Ha! That's hilarious about them stiffing you over politics. Fucking republicans.

Palin is a publicity stunt and nothing more. After reading that she only got her passport LAST YEAR I think they should use foreign policy against her So Hard. I can't wait for Biden to pwn Palin in any of the debates (do they have Veep debates?)

Obama may be young and plucky, but he at least has experience helming committees that deal with policy.

I can't stand the republicans who are showering praise on Palin and not mocking McCain for his poor campaign choices.

Kudos, McCain! Good job shooting yourself in the foot.

CPC said...
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Sheaby said...

HA. Way to go, spicy angel. I miss your face!

Heart always,
the angel you thought was so nice :)

Lizz said...

I enjoyed lots in this entry.

Michael said...

Yo girl! This entry made me laugh. I know that same crackhead! Sorry to hear about Reese, but I'm glad he's doing better. Say hello to your fam for me. Except Pat.