Sunday, October 26, 2008

oh geee

the phillies have me all sentimental. this is just so perfect and wonderful, and the best way to spend the last few weeks in new jersey with my best friends. this last year on the east coast has had its ups and downs, but i think this phillies series and the time ive spent as of late with els and carolyn, as well as the previous year in 5c with michael, lizz, etc... man, its just too perfect. i'll miss you all, but have these great memories of the easy and simple times we spent together. and i'll have them forever. i know sometimes things got rough and came to a head this year, but i'm so glad they did and i feel more confident in this group than ever before. we're going to make it after all, us and mary tyler.

i'm trying so hard lately to be more considerate and less judgmental. and to try to think of others before myself. i think i'm honestly making strides. it's a slow but rewarding process.

on a lighter note, can't WAIT for in-n-out with some of the bestest people i've ever met. and mike, too.

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